Volunteer FAQs

How do I reset my password?

As a volunteer, your first step to resolving log-in issues is by resetting your password. You can do so from the i360 Call or Walk apps by entering your email address in the username section, then selecting 'I forgot my password!'. You will be asked to send a confirmation code to your phone or email. Enter the code you receive and reset your password.

I didn't change my password. Why did I get an email saying I did?

It is likely that a user in your organization made a change to your volunteer password. This is often the case when troubleshooting issues with the i360 Call or Walk apps. We would recommend checking with your coordinator or others in your organization if you are unsure why it was changed. If they are unsure, please proceed with changing your password for security.

Why can I log-in on one app and not the other?

There are three common possibilities for why you can log-in to one app and not the other. Both require assistance from your organization directly. Please reach out to them if you are running into issues.

  1. If you are seeing a 403 error in callingfromhome.com or told that your credentials are invalid in the i360 Call app, you may not be assigned to a state in Portal. Your coordinator will need to fix this.
  2. If you are seeing 'invalid credentials' in one app and not the other, you may not be assigned to a survey. Please reach out to your coordinator to verify you are assigned.

I had three walkbooks. Why did two disappear?

i360's default setting for volunteer assignments is to assign 3 books. If you start one, you will be required to finish that book before you can view the other two. Please contact your organization's coordinator to manually override this setting.

I accidentally restricted all walkbooks. What can I do?

Please reach out to your coordinator to flag this error. Including a survey name and specific walkbook is important. From there, your coordinator can reach out to i360 Support so we can back out the data.

My apps are quitting/freezing/not recording answers:

If you are running into app trouble, we first recommend reaching out to your coordinator to see if other volunteers are experiencing the same issue. If not, we recommend the following troubleshooting steps prior to reaching out:

  1. Delete the app and restart your phone
  2. Re-download the app and test
  3. If issues persist, please reach out to your coordinator to report the issue to i360 support
  4. Include details of your device (iOS, Android), the version of your phone, and your app version
  5. Please provide credentials

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