i360 App FAQs

Why can't my volunteer log-in?

1. Surveys/walkbooks are not assigned

Volunteers may not be able to log-in because they are not currently assigned to any surveys. Please ensure your volunteer is assigned to a call or walk survey if they are trying to log-in to each app.

2. State is not assigned

Volunteers must have a state assigned to their i360 account to be able to use the Call app. Logging in without a state assigned can result in an error upon log-in. Assign a state to a volunteer (or user) by accessing their contact profile (Contacts > Management > Search for name & double-click). Refer to the bottom action bar and click 'Edit'. Add the appropriate state in the 'State' field and save.

3. Account is locked 

Please review our help guide on Unlocking Volunteer Accounts if the app is indicating that the volunteer is locked out.

4. Password is incorrect

Upon creation, users set the password for their volunteers. Volunteers have the ability to reset their own passwords and often do so. If the apps are indicating that a volunteer's credentials are incorrect, you may reset their password from their contact profile. Please review our help guide on Resetting Volunteer Passwords. We recommend notifying your volunteer that their password was changed to avoid confusion.

What time can I start and finish using the apps?

Calling and door knocking is available from 9am to 9pm local time. States with multiple time zones (ex. South Dakota, Texas, etc.) will default to the most conservative time zone for calling. Example: Texas has Mountain Time and Central Time. Calls can start at 9am MT and end at 8pm MT. Calls can start at 10am CT and 9pm CT.

What are the apps available to volunteers?

Volunteers can make calls using the i360 Call app or callingfromhome.com. Volunteers can knock doors using the i360 Walk app. Both apps are available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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