i360 Walk Best Practices

Best Practices

  • Close all other apps when using i360 Walk so they are not running in the background and consuming data and battery.
  • Lower your screen brightness as much as possible to save the battery.
  • Before you leave for the field, assign your volunteers multiple walkbooks at once to allow them to plan the most efficient routes.
  • Enter all responses as you get them to ensure proper location tagging.
  • Always ensure all collected data is uploaded before closing the app. This happens automatically when your phone is connected to the cell network or WiFi.

Use i360 Walk in Low Network Connectivity

  1. Go to an area you have service, or connect to WiFi, and open the walkbook you wish to walk.
  2. Once all houses have loaded on your screen, turn on airplane mode. You can now begin canvassing houses.
  3. When you have completed all houses in the walk book, return to an area you have service or connect to WiFi. The data you collect will automatically be loaded to the database or you may be prompted to upload the data in the app.
  4. Open the next walkbook you want to walk and repeat. 

NOTE: It is VERY important that you do not close out of the app while in airplane mode. Doing so can risk the loss of all data collected.

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