Add a New Payment Method in the Billing Center

This is a how-to guide on how clients can add a new payment method within the SSBP. For all specific questions related to billing, please reach out to your account manager directly.

New Payment Method

1. Navigate to the Billing Portal. This can also be found in Portal from your initials under 'Billing'. Log-in using the email address and password created during the subscription sign-up process. (Note: This password may be different than your i360 Portal Password.)


2. Navigate to the “Payment Methods” tab in the top header.


3. On the Payment Methods page, click “Add New”.

mceclip1.png4. A pop-up box will appear with available payment types for the client to choose from. Only certain client types and tiers are eligible for ACH Credit.


Add a Credit Card

  1. Choose “Credit Card” from the payment type options.
  2. Type in the billing address, cardholder name, and card info and click “Add”. A field for zip code will appear once the card info fields are populated.

Add an ACH Debit Account

  1. Choose “ACH Debit” from the payment type options. Type in the relevant details and click “Add”.
  2. A message will appear indicating that two micro-deposits have been sent to the requested bank account. It can take 24-48 hours for these deposits to arrive.

  3. Once the deposits arrive, return to the homepage of the Billing Portal. Click “Verify account”.

  4. Enter the deposit amounts and click “Verify bank account”. 

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