i360 Walk: Event Check-In

Event Check-In is available from the i360 Walk app for customers with Events as a part of their subscription. Volunteers can use this feature to keep track of attendees for in-person or hybrid events.

Event Check-In

To access our Event Check-In tool select the 3 bars in the top right of the screen then tap event check-in.

  1. Select the event for which you will be checking in guests.
  2. You will be brought to a list of all guests for that event. The list contains the guest’s full name, age, gender, and address to help identify the correct individual.
  3. To check someone in, click the toggle next to their information. If you accidentally check in the wrong individual, simply uncheck them.
  4. You can switch between lists of All, Unchecked, and Checked guests using the options at the bottom of the page.
  5. There is a quick search feature at the top of the page to help find a guest without scrolling through the entire list. Simply type in a portion of the name and anyone meeting that criteria will populate the list for you to check off.
  6. If the guest’s record cannot be found on the list, you can add a new guest by clicking Add Contact at the top right of the screen and entering the requisite information.
  7. Clicking on a guest’s name will result in a pop-up where you can view detailed information on that specific individual.
  8. To survey a guest, select their name, click “Take Survey" choose a survey, then follow the script and indicate survey responses.
  9. To return to the event check-in page, select 'Close' in the upper left corner.

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