i360 Walk: Voter Lookup

Voter Lookup is a volunteer permission available in the sidebar of the i360 Walk app. Volunteers can use it to search for individuals to apply tags and add notes to contact profiles.

The volunteer permissions attached to this feature are Volunteer: Voter Look Up and Volunteer: Voter Look Up - Party Reg (to view party registration data).


To look up voters, select the three lines in the top right of the screen and select Voter Lookup

1. Select the state and fill in any known data to search for voters. To add additional fields including modeled affinity, voting districts, etc. scroll down and toggle Search i360 Database to 'ON'.


You may also add contacts not found in the system by including as much information as possible.

2. If your search returns results, you can select a voter. This will take you to a page with some of the voter’s basic information so you can confirm it is the same person.


3. You can choose add the voter as a volunteer. You may also add any relevant tags. Changes will only save if you select Done in the top right corner.

4. Edit an individual’s information by selecting the pencil icon at the top. Make changes carefully, as your changes will update in the database for that record.

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