i360 Walk Overview

After a walk survey has been published and assigned, volunteers can start going door-to-door. This guide goes over the steps to access the app and begin collecting responses.

Downloading the App to Your Device

i360 Walk is available in the App Store on your Apple device or in the Google Play Store on Android. Search i360 Walk and select the app. Follow the prompts to download and select 'Open' when complete.


Logging In

After launching the i360 Walk app, enter the volunteer username and password that was emailed to you. If you are using a personal device, you can check the Remember Me box, which will save your login credentials for easy future access.

Your username will be the email that was used to create your account. If you are unsure of your credentials, select 'I forgot my password!' or contact your coordinator with questions.


After logging in, you will be prompted to select a survey. If you do not see any survey options on this screen, please contact your field coordinator. It is likely you have not yet been assigned to a survey.

Accessing Walkbooks

A screen displaying any survey description or legal disclaimers added by your organization will appear. Please read and agree before you begin canvassing. You may also preview the survey script before starting.

Once ready, select 'Start' which will take you to a map view of all of your available walkbooks. Each walkbook contains targeted households within a close geographic area. Select your intended walkbook to load households.

Note: Android Users: A message will appear giving you the options to either "Get Started" or "Get Directions" after clicking on the walkbook.  Select the applicable option to be taken to the houses within the walkbook.



After selecting a walkbook, you will see a similar map that displays individual household denoting each target household. Walkbooks are optimally routed from house to house indicated by numerical order. However, feel free to begin at any house and use your best judgment with the order.

    • If apartment buildings are included in your walkbook, you can click an apartment building icon to expand more information showing how many households are inside an individual apartment building.

Walkbooks will show as black if they have not been started and show as yellow if they are in progress. Completed walkbooks will disappear from view for volunteers but will be on display in the i360 Portal within the Canvassing Report.

Talk to Targets

Select a household to view targets and the survey script. Targeted voters are marked with a star icon next to their names. Depending on the settings chosen in the original survey creation, other household members may or may not appear.

Responses (Not Home, Refused, Wrong Address and Restricted Access) found on the household screen will only apply to the target voters. If searching for these individuals in Portal, you'll see one of these tags applied to their profile.


Select the name of the voter with whom you wish to speak (preferably the target voter). After selecting their name, choose whether they want to take the survey. If applicable, you may choose to Add Note, Add Tag, Add Contact, or Edit. To view more information on the voter (party registration, for example) select 'View'. These settings require additional volunteer permissions, so please contact your coordinator to request those.


Follow the script and record their answers by selecting the options that best match their responses. Some questions may allow for multiple answer selections.


Select Submit Answer to continue, Previous to go back, or Skip to skip that question.

When a voter finishes the survey, you will be directed to a page indicating members of the household who have either taken or refused the survey with the option to Add Notes or Add Volunteers. There will also be the option to survey remaining members of the household who have not been contacted.

When you are finished, select Finished With Household to return to the walkbook map.

Status Legend

Review the status legend from the information icon on the map view or list view tabs.


The legend will display icons for Walkbooks and Households.


Ballot Box and Check Mark Icons

Two additional icons may appear during absentee and early voting season. The first icon will be a check mark (mceclip1.png). This icon will denote anyone who has already turned in their absentee ballot or has early voted.

The second icon is a ballot box (mceclip2.png). This icon will denote anyone who has requested an absentee ballot, but has yet to return it. If someone has both the ballot box and the check box, that means they requested a ballot and subsequently returned it.


Sidebar Options

Select the three lines in the top right of the app to view the i360 Walk sidebar. Key options on this tab include the Help option to find resources (like this one!), a speed test under Check Connectivity, and the option to log-out. Most options on this tab require additional setup and permissions.


  • Voter Look-Up: A tool for looking up, tagging or editing the information of individual voters.
  • Event Check-In: Allows users to track event attendance and survey participants.
  • Dashboard: Shows you your total progress for call and walk activity.

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