i360 Call Best Practices

Update: Starting July 17, 2023, i360 is transitioning customers to a new version of our dialer. Customers can continue to make calls using i360 Call (on iOS or Android) as normal, but the desktop version is changing. Customers on the old dialer will log into callingfromhome.com. Customers on the new dialer will use i360call.com. Please try logging in on both sites to determine which one your organization currently has access to. Customers are enabled to log in to both, but will only see their surveys on the one they are enabled for. By end of 2023, callingfromhome.com will be phased out.

Ensure you are getting the best app experience by reviewing our i360 Call Best Practices. If you still have issues with the app or i360call.com after troubleshooting, please reach out to support@i-360.com with the following information:

  • Describe issue
  • Organization name
  • Survey Name
  • Volunteers impacted (user/password, if possible)

403 Errors/Issues Logging-In

Volunteers may experience log-in issues on the app or a 403 error if attempting to log-in to callingfromhome.com. This may be caused by a missing state assignment or a lack of survey assignment. Ensure a volunteer is assigned to an active survey.

As a Portal user, please ensure that a volunteer is assigned to a state from Contacts > Management. Search for their volunteer profile, double-click their name, and select Edit from the bottom action bar. Add a state and save. If this does not resolve the log-in issue, please reach out to support.

Audio Quality

We recommend using good quality headphones to minimize background noise and improve the audio experience for both you and the individual you are calling. If using a headset with its own mute settings, ensure they are not active when making calls. You may mute yourself directly on the app or on the desktop site.

Wi-Fi Connection

We typically recommend at least 4 mbps for your download speed and 2 mbps for your upload speed, per person. For example, if there are three volunteers calling on the same WiFi network, your WiFi speed should be at least 12 mbps download, and 6 mbps upload.

When using Wi-Fi, ensure that your Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router is not sitting on the ground, or behind other equipment. It’s best to have the device off the ground (at desk or chest height) for best performance. When the signal has to go through walls or other obstacles, performance can be affected. Being closer to the Wireless Access Point or Router can help improve performance.

Other Wi-Fi networks, along with non-Wi-Fi devices such as Microwaves (when in use), Cordless Phones, Wireless Baby Monitors, Security Cameras, and Audio/Video Senders can interfere and degrade the Wi-Fi network and therefore call quality. Other active streaming services, large downloads, and device updates can also have an impact. Turning off these other wireless devices can aid in improving performance.

Using your phone's LTE or other connection may sometimes be the better option, depending on your WiFi speed. When troubleshooting, navigate to the top right of the app and see the option for 'Check Connectivity' in the side menu. This will trigger a speed test to check if your speed may be creating issues.

Your Device

Ensure that your device and the app are up-to-date. i360 Call is constantly being updated with improvements and bug fixes. For disruptive app issues, we recommend the following:

  1. Remove the app from your device.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Re-download the app.
  4. Log-in and attempt to use the app again.

While using the app, it is best to have a fully charged battery. You can always use an external charger or battery pack while making calls.

Please shut down other applications that are running in the background (Facebook, Spotify, WhatsApp, etc.) to improve your user experience. You may run into issues if you navigate away from the call screen during a call.

Older tablets and phones will work with i360 Call, however the app may not be as responsive due to being older hardware.

Automated Dialing

If you experience any issues with the i360 Dialer, it’s important to note the date, time, and volunteer experiencing the issue. Inform the volunteer coordinator with a full description of what occurred. Please try and capture screenshots of any errors or issues where possible.

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