Release Notes 7.9.2024

New Features

Action Sites
Field > Event Check-In

  • Allow events to be checked in on the web.
  • Only the user with the permission Field: Events: Event Check-In can check in invitees from portal.
  • This is currently not available to volunteers.

Digital > Web Pages > Action Site Type Email Officials

  • Support merge fields on email Salutation for official messages.
  • The users can now select the salutation for the email to contact officials on the builder. We will append the emailed official's selected salutation when the email is sent to them.

Digital > Web Pages > Landing Page

  • Set Fixed Height for Content Cards.
  • All content cards will now be the same height.


Field > Surveys > Survey Settings > Dynamic Scripts

  • During the creation of any Survey using dynamic scripts, users will now have the ability to use the same script across multiple searches.
  • Previously once a script is used for a search, that script was no longer available in the list to be associated with another search.

Field > Surveys > Survey Settings > Scripts > Contact Information > Email (Answer Type)

  • Email Data collected will update the contact's record with the email.
  • Response collected on the Email field (Answer Type= Email, Question Type= Contact Information) will be validated as an Email Address, so that the email can be updated on the corresponding target's contact record.

Field > Surveys > Call Surveys > (Web version of the i360 Call App)

  • Added option to Select/Unselect all Playlists while Volunteers are trying to connect to targets on Call Surveys.
  • Previously volunteers had to manually uncheck each playlist.



Contacts > Management > Click Contact

  • Added "Edit" option in Contact Flyout to Expand Contact Record to Full Screen.

Search > Basic > i360 Data & MyData

  • Added ability to save selected criteria while switching states.

Donor Model

Search > Basic & Advanced > Export Grid

  • Surcharge for including Donor Model when exporting a saved search.
  • A pop up will fire informing of the surcharge when exporting with Donor Model.
  • Added Donor Model toggle option in list of Models.

Call Apps Release (iOS & Android)

Surveys > Call Apps

  • Answer Fields on the Script with answer type='Email' only collects valid email values.
  • This is a change on the Mobile Apps to support collecting the Emails of targets, which will update the Target's contact record in Portal.

Call App > iOS > Indicate Whether Call Connected to Cell or Landline

  • Added display icons next to the phone number of the target to determine if the volunteer is connected to the target's Cell Phone or Landline.

Call App > iOS > Cellphone Collection and A2P Opt-In options

  • Allow getting responses for the new Answer Type (A2P Opt-in).
  • The field only allows valid phone numbers.


Bug Fixes

  • Website Builder > Drag and Drop Editor > Unable to Save Changes to delete background image and replace with color.
  • Website Builder > Drag and Drop Editor > Text Opt-in Unaligned with Tag Respondent and Unfixable.
  • Website Builder > Drag and Drop Editor > Address 1 Displays are required even though it is not required.
  • Website Builder > Drag and Drop Editor > Adding Hyperlink to Image causes image to move (unable to undo).
  • Search > Advanced > Exporting > Selecting Household Name Formatting Causes Duplicates.
  • Field > Text > Campaign Tag Copies from Previous Broadcast Text Actions.
  • Contacts > Management > Select Contacts > Add > Texting Opt-in Failure.
  • Contacts > Imports > displaying negative number for 'None i360 Matched'.

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