i360 Websites enables you to create your own Website directly within the i360 Portal.  No coding is necessary to build an i360 Website.  You will be able to select from our prebuilt Website Templates or start building your site from scratch with various Elements, dragging and dropping them to your liking.  There are Basic Settings and Advanced Settings for creating your Website.  Both can be used to create your entire Website.  The Advanced Settings have more options and customizability for your Website, but are not necessary to use.  This page goes over the Basic Settings for creating an i360 Website.  The Advanced Settings Help Doc can be found here.


Getting Started

To start, navigate to the lefthand menu > Admin > Digital Admin


Digital Admin Nav.png



The Digital Admin page is where you can create new Websites as well as edit any existing Websites. To edit a Website, double click an existing Website. To create a new Website, select the button at the top right.


Digital Landing page.png


In the popup window, you can enter the title of your website and optionally link it to an Action Site.  Learn more about Action Sites here.  Once you have your title, you can select

Create Website Popup.png



This will bring you to the settings page for your Website.  Here you can edit your Website Title, optionally link an Action Site, add your social media tags, your logo and favicon, and your Donor URL.

Website Settings


Once you are satisfied with your Website Settings you can click to move on to your Template selection.  You can select one of our Website Templates from the list, or you can start building your Website from scratch by selecting "start from a blank template".  When you have selected your Template click to move on to the Layout of the Website.


The Layout section allows you to move, replace and add Elements in your Template.  Use the righthand menu to drag and drop different Elements over to your Template.  (see our Elements Breakdown in the content section further down this page)

Website Layout

You can preview your Website's Desktop and Mobile versions at any time by using the preview selector in the top left corner:

Website Preview Selector

Use the top toolbar at any time during the Website creation process to perform the following actions:


Icons Actions
FullScreen Icon Make Website Preview Full Screen
Undo/Redo Undo/Redo last edit to Template
Undo All Remove ALL changes and restore to original Template (action cannot be undone)
Delete Icon Delete selected Element
Copy Icon Copy selected item within Element (does not apply to all items)
Move Icon Move selected Element up/down
Visual Element icon Send Visual Element backward or behind other Elements (Advanced Settings Only)


If you select an Element, you can access the quick actions menu and perform the following actions:

Element Quick Menuy.png


Quick Actions Menu

Icons Actions
quick access delete icon Delete selected Element
move icon quick access Click and hold and move mouse to resize Element


Once you are happy with your Layout you can click  to continue to the Style page.



The Style page allows you to edit the aesthetics of your theme.  You can change the fonts, the colors and the buttons or choose from our Theme Presets.  These settings will change the core visuals of your theme, so be sure to scroll through your Template to view your changes.  Once your Style is set, click to move to the Content page.

Style page


The Content page is where you can edit the Content, Style, and Layout of any individual Element.  Select an Element to view its Content Settings.

Element Settings

*NOTE: settings vary depending on element template selected


Element Description Content Settings
Hero User's first exposure to your website ("landing page")
  • Image Upload
  • Add Overlay, Headlines*
  • Add Button and Button Link*
About Graphic describing your Website Subject (i.e. description of your candidate/advocacy group)
  • Image Upload
  • Add Headline, Sub Headline, and Body Text
  • Add Button and Button Link
Form Collect information from potential supporters
  • Image Upload
  • Add Overlay, Headline, Sub Headline and Disclaimer
  • Add/Edit Form Fields (more below)
  • Add Custom Tags to Form Respondent
  • Add Texting Opt in Checkbox
  • Edit Form Alignment and Layout
Carousel Display images/graphics that cycle through your selected options
  • Create up to 5 Items within a Carousel
  • Add Sub Headline/Image/Description*
  • Add Hover description for link
  • Add link for Carousel Button
Donation Graphic and link for your Donation URL
  • Image Upload*
  • Add Headline and Sub Headline
  • Edit Button Styles for Donation URL link
  • Add Donation URL
Footer Footer Nav Bar for Website
  • Edit Disclaimer text
  • Other edits can only be made in Advanced Mode
Blogroll Blog Intro/Summary with link to your blog
  • Image Upload
  • Blog Post Date
  • Post Title
  • Post Description
  • Link to Blog



Once you are satisfied with the Content of your Website, you can click Next to Confirm your Website design and Publish it.  The Website builder will generate a default domain name for your Website, which you are able to use for your Website, but you will have the option to customize and configure your domain name by clicking "Configure Domain":

Configure Domain.png


If you do not want to use the default domain name and you want to use a custom domain name, please click the "Instruction" drop down and follow the instructions after clicking "Configure Domain":


Domain Instructions.png


Once you publish your Website you will be taken to the Site Admin Page.  Here, by using the action bar at the bottom right, you can navigate directly to your Website, create another page for the Website, or Edit the settings of the Website.

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